Data-driven Fundraising: the big picture

Ilja De Coster (Fundraising consultant)

CiviCRM is a great tool to make data-driven fundraising work. But being data-driven needs more: it is about really exploring the knowledge hidden in that CRM-system and acting upon that knowledge for better results and more cost effective fundraising. This session welcomes you in the fabulous world of data-analytics and business intelligence for fundraising.

You’ll get a big picture of how integration of CRM-tools (CiviCRM) and analytical tools (RapidMiner) can takes us towards a next level. We’ll share some of the work we recently started at Amnesty International Flanders for fundraising analytics and building automated donor journeys. We’ll exchange and build coalitions for future joined development.

Ilja De Coster is not a developer   he is a passionate fundraiser focused on growing income for social causes. To achieve this he became a data analytics geek. About 20 years in fundraising, currently he works part time as a self-employed fundraising consultant and part time as fundraising officer for Amnesty International Flanders.


Session Date and Time: 
Thursday, May 28, 2015 -
11:15 to 12:15
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Room 2
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Data-driven Fundraising: the big picture
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