2Mpact provides professional association management services to Belgian and European/International professional societies and associations in Belgium.

2Mpact and CiviCRM
We provide communication services to societies and associatios.
Members and membership management is an important element in the communication.
CiviCRM is an ideal tool for communicating and managing membership, the membership journey, online payment, contributions, ...

About 2Mpact
2Mpact is the leading Belgian Association Management company empowering associations, professional societies and other non-profit organizations both as a full-service Association Management Company and as a strategic association management services provider. With a multidisciplinary staff of 20 we can deliver a broad range of high-level services, amongst which:

  • Day-to-day administration and management of the association
  • Membership retention, fulfillment and efficient use of member benefits and services
  • Communication services: websites, print media, digital newsletters
  • Event services: working groups, task forces, educational sessions, conferences
  • Strategic advice concerning content, lobby and thought leadership

We are pioneer and innovator in Belgium concerning association management.  We found the Belgian Society of Association Executives (http://www.bsae.be(link is external))  and are responsible for the management and the unique BSAE member’s magazine Sectorlink. We found and manage the only Belgian Academy for Association Professionals and we undertook the initiative to bring together in Brussels several locally working association service providers from all over Europe (2013).

Finally, we strongly believe in the importance of the international context in Belgium and Brussels. We uphold close relations with several organizations such as ESAE, ASAE, FAIB, Visit Brussels, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about our services.


 Marc Mestdagh(link is external)

ceo 2Mpact nv - Executive Director BSAE vzw/asbl
2Mpact Brussels, Sinter-Goedeleplein 5, 1000 BRUSSELS
Marc@2Mpact.be(link sends e-mail) - Tél. +32 9 233 48 66

Sponsorship Level: 
Why we're sponsoring : 

We believe in the power of associations and communities. We've founded a couple of them ourselves and visibility for a community is important.
Therefore we want to help the community in growing the awareness around CiviCRM as a great tool for membership management and targeted communication towards the members.

The Internet of things is coming and we believe strongly that CiviCRM will be a part of it for membership bodies.